Allow us to introduce…

Our website is now back up and online with an entirely new look, although it only features the bare essentials and still far away from what a proper website should be. Might be a bit laughable since the ‘Releases’ tab redirects you to our Bandcamp page and the ‘Shop/store’ redirects to Tokopedia page (shut it, you..), with still no options for overseas orders. As always, overseas order can be directed to our email: The ‘Collaborators’ page shows an array of musician and artists that we are working with, and also the ones that we had the pleasure to work with in the past.

We’ve also moved into a dedicated office space and sharing roof with music/tech wiz bunch from Kuassa Teknika and looking to be more productive and foster a fairly more positive attitude in the coming years. We’re always short of hands so if you’re interested in collaborating with us pro-bono, please do hit us up! But don’t pop up unannounced, as we work in nude for most of the time, not a very pleasant sight for the untrained eyes.

Consider this website a constant work-in-progress as we will be developing and improving continually as long as we breathe the same sweet air as our dear Miss Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

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