Future Collective

Future Collective

Two geniuses (one seemingly-troubled, while the other is chronically melancholic) sonically melding together their brilliant minds creating a 'big bang' yielding an overwhelming audial experience for us mere mortals to hardly-comprehend.

Releasing their debut full-length, "#1: Ensemble Instrumental de Musique Contemporaine" in 2014, Future Collective proved themselves to be one of Indonesia's foremost artists / musician, and further cementing it when Rolling Stone Indonesia officially nominated their debut as one of the best local albums in 2014.

Combining references of 60s pop, krautrock, tropicalia, and everything fucking nice (not a good reference, don't mind us), Tida Wilson and Sawi Lieu is all set to march into the Electronic Music Universe's uncharted territories.


"Duo 'retronika' ini merilis debut album 'Mundo Animal', yang akan membuat pendengar berdansa sekaligus memikirkan ancaman kebangkitan politik sayap kanan di Indonesia." -Yudhistira Agato (Vice)