Gaham (JRSLM)

Gaham (JRSLM)

Gaham, formerly known as Jerusalem, which was then stylised to JRSLM, is a borderline-metal hard rock band based in Bandung, comprising of Reyhan (guitar/vocals), Agip (bass guitar), and Ivan (drums).

Identifying themselves as a "heavy-terror-trio", Gaham's releases are consistent if not evolving steadily through the years. Raw and honest, Gaham shamelessly (in a good way) embraces hard rock kitsches ever known by mankind and making it their very own.

Gaham released their debut EP "Cryptic Hourglass" in 2016, personally scouted and then immediately left for dead by Sigmun's Haikal Azizi... kidding!...  the overwhelming testosterone brought by their record even made the office lady downstairs grew a beard and started burning chairs while googling "Top 10 Things to do at a Metal Concert".

Let's hope that they're staying with their current name now huh?


"All three of them have found a bright spot of experimental music by adding elements of raw old school heavy metal that are packaged accordingly by JRSLM's unique criteria." -Rim Adjiperdana (Bandwagon.Asia)