Gaung (stylised as "GAUNG") started as a straight-out musical group masterminded by Rama Saputra circa 2011 and, albeit temporarily, abruptly ended in the following year due to personal problems and accidents. In its span of lifetime, Gaung has gathered (and also rotated) a significant number of members and collaborators including Bob Edrian (Loud/Sigmun, KAITZR), Iman Firman (KAITZR), and possibly many others.

Gaung released their debut LP, Opus Contra Naturam, as a duo comprised of Rama Saputra (various instruments) and Rendy Pandita (drums) back in 2017 after a string of singles consistently released periodically from late 2016. They managed to get a bit of an attention from the US-based psyched-out Youtube personality "Stoned Meadow of Doom".

Its current live members comprises of Rama Saputra, Dena Prabandara, and Satria Gustian.

Contemplative yet sounding almost haphazardly arranged, Gaung's prime influences lie in its fascination with literatures and social phenomenon injected with a dose of some low-key longing for distortion and dropped down out-of-tune guitar.


"Musik progresif yang mengajak berkontemplasi" -Aulia Adam (