Everyone has their own say right now, and with all the means that are available today, everyone does get their chance to say it out loud online no matter how important or trivial it is. That being said, we’re doing a podcast with our old friend Theo (the ‘old’ here works in both his physicality and the time when we first met him when he still had his full head of hair), a not-so-timid everyday batik-donning corporate guy often mistaken as a local thug in the commuter-line due to his facial features and slightly-perverted grin. Kombur-Kombur, the title of the podcast, features Theo engaging in heart-to-tart talk with the actors of the Indonesian independent music industry, exploring, as a layman in music, more of the humane side of the guests far from any technical musical buzzwords and mumbo-jumbo.

The first episode is up on Spotify with Haikal Azizi, or Kajem as he prefer himself to be called, as the guest speaker. We intruded his workplace at a petrol station in Margonda, Depok and casually chatted away within a hand’s reach of stacks of 20.000 and 50.000 and mountains (ok we’re exaggerating) of filthy rupiah coins and recorded the session using a plain handheld Zoom recorder and not cutting out too much of the background noises for the sake of the genuine feel of the environment where we recorded each session, aside from the fact that we’re super broke.

Coldplay is his favourite band so don’t expect too much. Hah.


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